Reduce, reuse, recycle, regional

Woodlanders Forest School is about being the best I can be. I love to share with you the things that I love and the things that matter to me. I am a belt and braces sort of person and along with my drive and determination makes for a pretty powerful combination. I have policies and risk assessments for pretty much everything to keep you and the environment safe. Initially I put off writing my policies as it seemed like a Herculean task. Once I got into it I really enjoyed writing them. I’ve never found joy in this sort of thing before but writing my own policies informed my practice and cemented what Woodlanders is. It wasn’t until I did this that the seed of the idea became reality. A year on I’m due to review and update them. I’m putting it off again but I expect it will be informative of how I’ve grown and how far Woodlanders has come. My policies are for everyone to see, you are more than welcome to ask to see them. Here is my environmental policy. I go to every length to ensure that we tread lightly, waste little and are as environmentally friendly as possible from the biodegradable soap to trying to avoid plastic where ever possible.